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as the moderator, i suppose it's about time i contributed!!

got a good definition for "life"?

i was thinking about the different perceptions of what constitutes a life-form, and the lines got really blurry to me... the way i see it, complex biological DNA is not entirely far off from "inanimate" crystalline lattice... both are geometric patterns that when in the right conditions, allow for and promote the perpetuation of their own pattern... what i would like to know more of, is if and how inorganic crystal could "adapt" to change...

while statistically staggering against a random formation, it is still entirely possible that in our infinitely large universe that enough atoms and molecules were arranged in the right setting for a single celled organism to form... and who is to say that the ultimate root of a single-celled organism is limited to having formed on Earth, or any other planet for that matter??

who is to say that the penultimate root of life is some single-celled organism??
and that takes us back to:
what qualifies as life???

-Mr Quick
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